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Dragon Rouge(上海)聘设计及创意人员-AD110·aLife
文: Dragon Rouge(上海)聘设计及创意人员
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Dragon Rouge is a global design and innovation business that’s different to work with–and work for. We are a privately-owned, boutique-style consultancy with French heritage and an obsession for high-quality solutions. We use insights and creativity to help our clients achieve superior brand performance.

We believe the best brands are those that go beyond expectations. They don’t just do the job – they go deeper and become the fabric of our lives. We work hard to build the brands that create more, that make a positive difference and have lasting value. These are the brands that deliver sustainable success and make the world a better, more rewarding place to be.

We have recently set up our Shanghai Office and we are currently seeking high caliber strategic innovation talents for senior and junior positions to serve our growing roster of clients. We see an opportunity in Greater China for a tight and powerful consultancy, built around a handful of brilliant senior practitioners, who deliver world-class strategy, innovation and design solutions.

Job Responsibility

Are you a multi-talented problem solver who is creative and resourceful to handle the following key project aspects?  This role requires someone with both superior organizational and creative skills. You will be responsible for the smooth running of projects in China, Asia and around the world.  These projects will be diverse in nature, across lots of different industries, but always with a focus on innovation and growth.

So, what will you be doing?

Project Logistics
- Making sure projects run smoothly (booking venues and travel, managing research respondent recruitment, ensuring project materials in stock and available etc.)
- Sourcing (materials, venues, catering, interesting experts, etc.)
- Managing the project calendar/timeline
- Facilitating project communication and serving as the central point of contact for each step of the project and generally helping to promote great team work

Budget Management
- Keeping track of all the spending on a project to ensure things stay within the budget

Creating and maintaining great relationships with suppliers and clients
- Contacting clients regarding their queries on project logistics and process.
- Liaising with clients/vendors handling all documentation (quotations/ contracts/agreements/ etc.)
- Managing a supplier network – ie.choosing best vendors (including agencies, venues, catering, translators etc.) and staying on top of marketplace developments

Creative presentations
- Making images and information sing—either drawn out on flip charts or publishing with powerpoint.
- Bringing market or category situations to life—sometimes on paper, sometimes in an alternative space.

Eyes and ears on the world outside
- Being our link to the world outside, beyond the office, sharing news, pictures, intelligence and your POV on people, products, companies and organizations doing new and exciting things
- Keeping an eye on new trends, researching the internet , reading and generally staying tuned in
- Contributing content and thinking as you help the team explore categories and markets.

Who are we looking for
- Have experience in advertising agency is preferred
- A dynamic young graduate who is willing to learn about marketing  services and innovation consulting in a boutique, multi-cultural environment
- A fast learner who can think on his/her feet
- Someone with Fluent English (both spoken and written); other languages (French, Cantonese, etc.) are a plus!
- An inspired and creative person
- An intrepid explorer who enjoys shopping, eating, new experiences and getting to the bottom of how and why consumers behave as they do.
- Detail oriented
- The one with open-minds and always be supportive

Pls send your resume to and remark the position in email subject. Thanks!


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