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W+K 上海招兼职或全职时尚网络写手-AD110·aLife
文: W+K 上海招兼职或全职时尚网络写手
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Hi everyone we are looking to find 2-3 people to help us boost W+K’s online social prowess. We will consider full-time or part time people, experience isn’t a priority so recent grads or students would both work.

Please check out the job description below.

Do you love Sports, Music or Fashion, are interested in lifestyle and culture, and love to write?

You are smart, creative and fluent in expressing yourself online. You regularly participate in and contribute to online communities, and are passionate about developing conversations and relationships with your fellow
netizens. Ideally you have run your own blog or community having built a solid audience around an interest or passion.

W+K is on the look out for writers and journalists to become active participants in online communities, working with some of the most exciting brands in the world. Your writing style should be clear, fresh and persuasive, and accessible to an online youth audience.

If this sounds like you, please send us your CV to, along with samples of your written work.


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